Affairs That Left Celebrities Jobless in Hollywood

The aftermath of adultery isn’t pretty for anyone involved, but when it’s a celebrity who’s supposedly done the dirty deed-ing, things can get especially messy. From Oscar-winners to TV stars, and singers to sports icons, these celebs paid the price for their romantic slip-ups with their Hollywood careers.

Meg Ryan was one of America’s most in-demand sweethearts of the silver screen starring in rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. But her girl-next-door image was completely sullied when rumors emerged about a tryst with her Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe which was publicly perceived as the reason she divorced her husband of nine years, Dennis Quaid. She denied the speculation, telling Harper’s Bazaar,

“My marriage was breaking up long before it became a matter of public discussion.”

Though there may be plenty of blame to go around, it was Ryan’s career that really hit the skids. Proof of Life bombed at the box office, and the Golden Globe-nominated actress has yet to wield the marquee status that made her a household name in the ’90s.

Watch the video for more about affairs that left celebrities jobless in Hollywood!

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Meg Ryan | 0:21
Jude Law | 1:05
LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian | 1:45
Tiger Woods | 2:47
Ben Affleck | 4:02

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30 Replies to “Affairs That Left Celebrities Jobless in Hollywood”

  1. Dante Fajardo

    So if they are in a butt naked scene, kissing torridly, seing each other naked and exchanging saliva it isn't adultery??? Ah. Interesting. I'm so stupid.

  2. Magda Vazquez

    Good video but not accurate. Meg Ryan got old in fact she looked very washed out when she made that infamous movie. Competition is brutal in Hollywood and rarely you r life style denies you a roll. You just had to look good young and had made a hit movie lately. Lean Rhymes is not an actress . As for the rest Tiger Woods is loaded so he still a rich man. Bottomline. No those affairs had nothing to do with anything.

  3. B K

    Personally I'm just a fan of a lot of these actor's and actresses, but it seems to me that a lot of them deal with a lot of issues off camera so I'm not supporting anyone I'm just observing like everyone else and commenting in the best way I know how simple and plain just a fan of there movies that's all.

  4. itty bitty kitty Hello kitty

    Oh boo hoo, people are people. Celeb' or not. Nobody is tarnish free. Get over it tabloid crap rags. The world that believes
    and follows these rags are not living in the real world. Real people living real lives have the same issues. Life happens.:P

  5. R J

    So when a woman (the typical slut) lives off her man it's cool…but when the rare occasion a man is with a woman who's a breadwinner he's some loser?

  6. Pedro Mora Jr

    honestly who gives a f@ck who cheats. it is nobody's business. And everybody being judgemental like if they are perfect. Their personal life is their business. we are here to enjoy what they do whether it be a movie, music or sports. so everybody get off their high horse. Let them deal with their own problems.

  7. buggiebuild1

    Tiger Woods, hmm ,was taught from a very young age, how to play the game of golf, but no one taught him how to say no to busloads of beautiful women, and offers, not saying he didn't F up, but no one taught him how to say no, and how 2 handle his wealth and popularity, These girls will sit on laps in front of their wives ,they don't care, I guess I could say, gold diggers, being a woman I've had girls do this to my husband, and he's not rich or popular, LOL in my book he is,❤️ but a ho will be a ho

  8. Jimmy Droid

    I never understood why Hollywood types marry, specially men since women throw themselves at them all the time. Leo DiCaprio is a smart dude. Hit it and quit it, move on to the next super model.

  9. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    I know everyone always has a good excuse, but the truth is having an affair is nothing but selfish….you can try to justify it and say it was true love or whatever but you hurt others…and you honestly just had to get divorced before doing that….despite popular belief, people DO have self control and they CAN control carnal urges until after simply ASKING FOR A DIVORCE AND SEPARATION FROM THE CURRENT SPOUSE!!! ( i dont even mean going fully through with it or spending any money! so dont come at me with that, plus these people CAN AFFORD EVERYTHING) …to say "i just couldn't help it" or "we were inlove" is just code for " we were lazy and horny, irresponsible assholes". lol

  10. Paul Casson

    Affleck was brilliant in the Accountant, he has his demons for sure, but he has talent. What happened to his marriage was so sad but Jennifer was there when he needed to be taken to hospital. I respect Jennifer Garner immensely.

  11. annette d.

    Anybody that sells their soul/ worships the devil is pretty fucked up whatcha expect?just like the devil and demons themselves are majorly fucked up!

  12. Tia Aaron

    Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that Sienna Miller also cheated on Jude Law with Daniel Craig and that she seems to have slept with any high-profile actors in Hollywood? That woman has issues.

  13. Toshladuk Channel

    Maybe a different title is needed for this vid because let’s be honest Jude Law seems to be in more films than ever these days

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