9 Oldest Actors Still Alive in Hollywood (2019)

Some celebrities die young but none of these in this video! Here is the oldest living legendary Hollywood actors and actresses who are still alive in 2019. They are all over 100 years old.

Here is the list of “oldies but goldies”:
Diana Serra Cary (100 years old)
Marsha A. Hunt (101 years old)
Fay McKenzie (101 years old)
Suzy Delair (101 years old)
Earlston J. Cameron (101 years old)
Olivia de Havilland (102 years old)
Kirk Douglas (102 years old)
Norman Lloyd (104 years old)
Julie Gibson (105 years old)

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10 Replies to “9 Oldest Actors Still Alive in Hollywood (2019)”

  1. Jarvamon

    Am assuming the pic of Esther Williams at the start is in error, even with Williams' signature clearly scrawled across the bottom.

  2. The EdRay Report

    Fay McKenzie passed away on April 16th of this year. So that crosses her off. And there were 8 still going. Julie Gibson recently turned 106 years old. Amazing.

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