7 Famous People Who Basically Disappeared

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On the surface, making it big in Hollywood is a dream come true. There’s fame, fortune, and all the perks of being a somebody around town. But being a successful Hollywood actor is still a job that requires putting in a lot of time and energy, and the business can be unforgiving. One wrong move and your career could be toast. For these actors, even the glamour and glitz of Tinseltown just wasn’t enough to justify sticking around for the long haul, so they quit while they were ahead. Here are some stars who have basically disappeared…

Joe Pesci | 0:28
Meg Ryan | 1:45
Mike Myers | 2:54
Gene Hackman | 4:13
Rick Moranis | 5:03
Bridget Fonda | 6:20
Sean Connery | 7:15

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30 Replies to “7 Famous People Who Basically Disappeared”

  1. twinky23 Bailey

    Meg Ryan started on As The World Turns. She also had a short part in Top Gun. Gene Hackman was one of the stars in The Posiden Adventure. Also in The Firm. You left out a lot about some of these stars.

  2. Margaret Gust

    Sean Connery has given us James Bond, as well as a great cop in Untouchables, and he was Indiana Jones' dad – he doesn't need to do anything else to cement his career. He has more than earned the right to turn down everything.

  3. miragexl007

    hey…love Joe Pesci. Well, his acting back in the day. Wonder if he's become a real prck (in real life) like that De niro guy who was also great (again in acting not real life or politically). Rick Moranis…Sad about his wife and his early "retirement"? from acting.

  4. Philip Robinson

    Recently saw an actor who went a bit awol many years ago Martin 'Inner Space' Short in an episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit.

  5. Preston Releford

    You could've at least mixed a little pepper with the salt and featured aby adding a black actor/actress to this video. I guess black actors wasn't interesting and appealing enough for you. SMH

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