5 Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup!


We all know how Hollywood is . . . beautiful people walking around with flawless skin, adoring fan bases and a fat bank account. Well, that’s almost always true. 99% of people on television have 1 thing in common – they all wear makeup! Some of course need it more than others, but they all wear it nonetheless. But what if you ran across a hot Hollywood actor in the streets and they had on NO makeup at all? Wouldn’t that be a little, I don’t know, weird? Well while it could be a bit confusing, it certainly is possible that your most popular celeb is unidentifiable when they aren’t caked in makeup.With that said, today we’re going to show you 5 Celebs who are unrecognizable without makeup!

#5 Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler, 42, is a standup comic, author and talk show host. She’s mostly known for her brash commentary on her late night talk show Chelsea Lately on the E! Network. She recentrly won an award as the Number 1 Top TV Personality!While Handler is hilarious and beautiful in her own right, this photo of her without makeup on is classic! She doesn’t really keep her ‘made for TV face’ once she washes away all that Maybeline! If there’s one person that we know won’t be offended on this list, it’s definitely Chelsea Handler!

#4 Nicki Minaj

Known for her cutting lyrics and beautiful body, Nicki Minaj is a rapper and the first lady of Young Money Records. She’s charted on Billboard literally dozens and dozens and dozens of times, so it’s no wonder that her fan base is massive!Nicki has done some modeling and acting, so she’s no stranger to a makeup brush. But as you can see, things weren’t always that way! With all that said, Nicki’s days before rap had her face a little less perfect. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but her lips and eyes simply don’t look the same as when she’s all made up. We still love you Nicki!

#3 Tyra Banks

Super models are celebrities too, and not many are more popular or recognizable as SUPER super-model Tyra Banks. Known for being the host of American’s Next Top Model and also being the first African American woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Banks has always been a pristine representation of pure beauty. She’s been a high profile model for years, and has even spent time in movies and television shows acting and producing. Tyra, of course, is very beautiful. But when she loses the makeup, as you can see here, she just looks like any other, regular girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with it – but you can definitely see that there is a real difference!

#2 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is naturally very beautiful, but in this photo of her after a hot and sweaty workout, she looks a little bland. Now to be fair, nobody, and I do mean nobody, looks amazing after a grueling workout, so of course the star Fantastic Four gets a pass.

#1 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, or maybe better known as Kim Kardashians little sister, has certainly come into her own over the last couple of years. She’s following in her big sisters shoes in terms of essentially being famous for. . . being famous, but Jenner is a very beautiful girl. Granted, Jenner’s facial features have been altered a bit – ok, maybe more than a bit – with plastic surgery, but as you can see, there’s still a huge difference when she doesn’t apply any makeup.We live in a world that is very judgemental about everything, but there’s no need for women to think that they must walk around caked in makeu in order for the world to view that as beautiful. Every woman on this list can walk into a room and turn heads without any doubt.

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14 Replies to “5 Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup!”

  1. SirParcifal

    its not just makeup – its called plastic surgery . What I don't get is this – women will spend thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and makeup, however some will have busted teeth, severe overbites, etc… what's the point in going through plastic surgery if you don't take care of the one logical asset you have teeth??? teeth help you chew; if you don't correct them they can give you head aches and tmj etc LMFAO I just never understand supermodels with teeth less desirable than a horses overbite

  2. DonHack File

    "Unrecognizable" man you wasted my DATA on this here. Those people still look the same bro… I was expecting to see some tar face, scared face, pimple peppered with a sprinkle of that "From my Teens" acne face or third degree burns or how about some cat fight scratch marks instead you just shown me a wet faced Nicki… Bra, you need to have your eyes checked, Stevie Wonder can do better!

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