32 Photos for celebrities with no make up.

Putting on makeup is an art form; personally I love playing around with it— all the colors and tricks you can do to your face! My makeup skills are pretty damn good, and it only gets better when I have time on my hands. I’m actually convinced that all of my past flames got mildly startled when they first woke up beside me without my makeup on (I’m sorry for my bare face in the morning). And I’m also sorry for sleeping with my mouth open while drool is leaking out from the side.

If you’re a frequent YouTube watcher then you’ll notice the sudden boom in beauty channels; some of the products that they use may hurt your pocket (beauty is pain isn’t it?), but if you’re like me then you can always search for “dupes” (same shades and finishes but from a different and more affordable manufacturer) and get by on a budget.

As women, we are all beautiful, but even more so when our best features are enhanced with makeup… and then there are the celebrities. Go on Instagram and I’m sure you’re following a few stars who have selfies of themselves while being made up. I won’t name any names, but there are plenty of uhm, less attractive celebrities who turn into gorgeous creations of God because of the magic of a makeup artist’s brush. Maybe it’s time I look into beauty schools, because damn, makeup artists are making bank nowadays! Here are 32 celebs who look really different without makeup on than what we’re used to.

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7 Replies to “32 Photos for celebrities with no make up.”

  1. 0351 MARINE

    Why the fuck, would you not put names with these faces? Since I do not waste my time on television, how do I know who the fuck these people are? Sure, a few of them are recognizable, but an intelligent person would have included names. This is the second video that I have clicked on, that was made by you. This is the second video by you, that has been an utter failure. I'm betting that your mommy believes you to be an utter failure also. I'm praying that you don't have children, because they would certainly all suffer from stupidity, just like their retarded shithead sperm donor. Daddy should have killed mommy long ago.

  2. Iris Woody

    Looooooooove it! It's stunning thumbs up! I make videos too! Wanna check em? EWould mean a lot! Can't wait for your next video! X

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