30 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable – COMPILATION

30 Celebs who lost over 100lbs.
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Weight loss is a touchy subject and even celebs aren’t immune to the cruel comments and health issues that can occur with excess weight gain. But we have rounded up ten inspiring stars who decided to take charge of their bodies and their health, and have lost amazing amounts of weight. Abby Lee Miller has done more in prison than catch up on her reading; she’s managed to lose 100 lbs! June Shannon, aka Mama June, is almost unrecognizable after her dramatic weight loss!
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28 Replies to “30 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable – COMPILATION”

  1. Jaisy W

    Boogie is a booger of a person. He’s shown himself to be very ungrateful, angry, and lacking empathy. He continues to glamorize his suicidal thoughts, speaks apathetically about his life and weight loss, and just doesn’t care about his influence at all. He could have it all but he’s too self absorbed to see it🙄😤

  2. Erica Edwards

    Why is it that it you call men “fat” but never use that term for women and instead use “curvy” or “plus size”? Just sayin 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. WeeeWriter

    I'm only 5'1 so I've always had to be careful with my weight. Most of us women always dislike something about our body. Although I have no intention of being skinny, at 45, I want to be healthy. I'm a medium size woman with an hourglass figure and so the only thing that saved me was that whenever I gained or lost weight, it was a bit everywhere and not just one spot. Skinny is not the image of beauty–healthy is beautiful.

  4. Stella

    …and kids can be so cruel (or blatantly/blurtingly honest) – I remember when I took my niece and nephew to church in these "AWESOME" leather pants circa 1999 and I thought I looked rockin! My niece was walking behind me and blurted out "your butt looks wrinkly!" 😂😭👏 I NEVER wore those pants ever again.

  5. knub

    Can you please take a second look at the Khloe "before" look? Really?! Should we avoid looking that amazing? PS- A 30lb weight loss is huge! Ugh. This S&$t makes me nuts,

  6. Autumn Matson

    Lol oh pleezzzz. The amount of money these famous people have is ridiculous. Of course they look so different.. most of em get surgeries, tucks, sucks, nips & dips. I'd definitely would have a nutritionist, a trainer & a cook employed at my disposal, just like I would like to now to loose some poundage. But I can't afford it. And I love to cook. It'd be great if I could.. shoot, itd be great if EVERYONE could!

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