20 Most Awkward Hollywood Moments

Cardi B Is Known For Her Cringe Moments In Public, But These Celebs Are Giving Her A Run For Her Money. Just Watch Kanye West…
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Have you ever tripped in front of all of your friends? How about sent the wrong text to the wrong person? It’s hard for us to not talk about moments like these that are actually super uncomfortable. Have you ever seen something so cringe-tastic that you can’t even look away? Well, 2019 has already been quite a year. Jordyn Woods nearly blew up the Internet with her Red Table Talk interview, Serena Williams clapped back at the French Open with her inspiring outfit, and Kanye West proved to the world that he just wants to be a superhero. But amidst the laundry-list of political controversies and celebrity drama, we’ve seen quite a few awkward celebrity moments that legit made us cringe. Hollywood stars are not immune to the occasional uncomfortable moment. As weird and awkward as it has been to watch these moments unfold, they remind us that even celebrities aren’t free from slip-ups or embarrassing flubs. In fact, it’s quite humbling to see a well-known actor tumble down the stairs in his tux or fumble through her acceptance speech. It’s downright comforting, even! However, there have been odd moments where stars seemingly acted without thinking at all, whether it be asking insensitive questions on the red carpet or making completely tone-deaf gestures to celebrate a friend. Sometimes the moments are just so out-of-place that we’re all kind of like “wait, what happened there?” See some of the most awkward celebrity moments that left us all in full cringe mode.

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  1. Ahhw E-Any

    1:45 but I still remember that other video when she was rocking back & forth looking like she was making up a song up in her head… Also, that Solange video

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