14 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Without Makeup!

Famous people who are unrecognizable without makeup! From Katy Perry to Katie Holmes these celebs look totally different when they take their makeup off.

See photos of celebrities with vs without makeup

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12 Replies to “14 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Without Makeup!”

  1. Freddys Body gaurds

    Aaah, bless you .. a young woman tries to understand the “harsh” reality of life … this is the aftermath of being fed “reality” shows for years … when you burst the bubble of make-up and plastic surgery savvies you are left with …oh horror… the truth : we grow, we age, we wrinkle …and yes, some are “brave” and do not even inflate their body parts or dip their hands each morning into the magic box of fakeness ….yes. There are still niches around the globe where Nature still rules and rather than letting the sleeping dogs lie we do so with the likes of Kardashian family and all the variations which are circulating around …..ufff, this needed to come out, pls do not take this as an attack on you rather on the absurd world which is sold to your generation as the norm – beware 🙂

  2. Meagan Sanders

    Black women are just AGELESS 😍

    But on another note, let's make a video like this about men, shall we? It shouldn't be called a "lazy day" when women don't want to wear makeup. It's just an ordinary day.

  3. suzy

    All these women are beautiful and all look amazing. This is a video is to shame women on this sligh. I would prefer it to be called women who are beautiful without make.
    Including characters like lady gaga and Katy Perry is pointless they are not going to have stage makeup daily.

  4. Tamela Candler

    I’m actually sad for having watched this judgemental video. Guess I needed to know that celebs look like “normal people” IRL…just sad we’re supposed to cut them down for NOT wearing makeup. I’m just not gonna join you in cutting them down for NOT keeping up their ACTING looks at all times – and…we all age, get wrinkles and have bad days.

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