100 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Without Makeup

100 pictures of famous people you would never recognize in their natural skin.
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In today’s society, women are expected to look picture-perfect at all times. The rising popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms are contributing to the problem. Since celebs always look so beautiful on these apps and at award shows, we feel the need to always look beautiful too. But what society doesn’t tell us is that celebrities have teams of people working around the clock to glam them up. Thankfully, some of our favorite celebs are posting no-makeup selfies to help us regular people feel less insecure about how we look. In this video, we’re going to show you 100 Pics Of Celebs Without Makeup. Some of these pictures were taken without the celebrity knowing, but they still help us to realize that Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. Whether you want to see a bare-faced Selena Gomez, Cardi B, or Dove Cameron, we’ve got you covered.

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16 Replies to “100 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Without Makeup”

  1. Kendall J

    I think people always call me Lavern Cox because I’m black and trans. She’s gorgeous but I don’t think we look alike.
    I’ll wait for the question “wth does that have to do with the video!?” 😂 Nothing I just wanted to get that off my chest. Haha

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