10 MOST Embarrassing On Stage Moments EVER

10 Celebs and their most awkward on stage moments!
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We’ve all had an embarrassing moment or two in our lives. Whether we’ve fallen down in front of strangers or made a fool out of ourselves in front of friends, the embarrassment can sometimes be humiliating! But can you imagine having that same humiliating moment occur in front of hundreds of thousands of people?
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28 Replies to “10 MOST Embarrassing On Stage Moments EVER”

  1. Sama Gasimova 4R 2019

    yes it so bad because of Justin Bieber's fans throw something and be very angry and I HATE JUSTI BIBER VERY MUCH!!!!!

  2. Alleycat The Magnificent

    I dont know why you have to call these funny or embarrassing because these things happen to everyone. This makes me so mad. It just makes the singers feel more embarresed when people have to address it and never stop talking about it. Its disrespectful to do this. These people are just like us and there is no reason to make them feel worse

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