10 Hollywood Couples You Never Thought Would Get Together

Famous Hollywood Couples Who Were Least Likely To End Up Together.
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It’s a high turnover flesh market in Hollywood and sometimes the people that get together are an odd fit. Surprisingly, some of the matches stick leading to marriages and children, while, not-so-unexpected, other crumble by the wayside of celebrity couples. From a major age gap, to vastly different lives, to just plain mismatched, we got the list of the latest 2017 and 2018 couples that just seem too weird to be true. Plus, an oldie about who Tom Cruise dated in the past that no one saw coming and who he’s planning to make the next Mrs. Cruise now. From Camila Cabello to Bradley Cooper, Elon Musk, Logan Paul, and Emma Watson…we got all the gossip right here. Oh and that one crazy rumor floating around the “Maniac” superstars, could Emma Stone really be dating that guy? Tune in to TheTalko to find out all the unlikely Hollywood couples that will have you shocked, laughing, or applauding!

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22 Replies to “10 Hollywood Couples You Never Thought Would Get Together”

  1. Lauren Quinn

    I literally can’t stand Cara Delevingne. Yes she’s beautiful….actually she’s GORGEOUS….but the girl just reeks of “I’m so popular because I act like being popular is disgusting”. Give me a fucking break. I’ve seen way prettier girls in my small home town in the mountains of North Carolina and they make her look like a teenage boy. She would be prettier if she stopped acting like a ten year old boy who just found his dads playboy collection.

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