10 Dark Secrets of Famous Families

10 celebrity families with the biggest darkest secrets. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Just because you’re from a family that has fame and fortune, doesn’t necessarily mean everything is rosy. In fact, in many cases, it’s just the opposite. Families who are in the spotlight often have huge secrets that don’t surface for years. It may shock and surprise you to hear that some of the most glamorous families and individuals don’t have the nicest pasts or presents. Whether it was a sexual molestation scandal, a sibling rivalry that ended in the worst way, or a teenager who watched her mother shoot her father, these are the biggest secrets of Hollywood’s most famous families.

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25 Replies to “10 Dark Secrets of Famous Families”

  1. Kit Kat News

    Duggers son was caught groping his sisters and a friend, by touching their breast through their clothes while they were sleeping and was a child at the time he touched, he did not have intercourse with anyone just felt there boobs while they slept that a far cry from sexualy assaulting his sisters, They blew it out of purportion and tried making him look like a child molester, at that age kids experiment with kissing and showing affection to one another through touching not having sex however it's OK for them to be MOLISTED by their handlers or by the people making the production they are working on sometimes it's your Co-worker or even a sibling, the've made him out to look like a villon or child rapist and is still in therapy for this reason.

  2. The Pirate Nation

    Hang on you got something wrong
    The statement should be "Bruce began mutilation of his own body die to gender dysphoria, and now lives as a man with an inside out penis"

  3. Hansenfmly

    Uh didn't Michael Jackson admit that his dad hit them with his belt if they missed a step during rehearsals or whatever? He said so in the short documentary thingy "Living With Michael Jackson".

  4. Richard Sievert

    If I had a Pneumatic brain processor and I was to feed all of that information in it would go like something like this.
    Well the way I see it is there entertainers and people get bored and they want great movies, they want science to add to that equation and give them real "Star Wars" they want ships in space so that they can actually relate to them and one day hope that they can get to be an actor star too, so they don't have to be fake stars but they can be real ones out there in space finding new worlds seeking out new life forms, 'Creations and yeah action packed adventure because then you have the Droids that want to say no man you can't go up here where lawyer wall stopers we're going to slam you with a suit we're going to f*** with you till you drop and 40% chance you're not going on cuz all of the ships you have are just junk look at the career man as you drive you can't even go down the road without hitting somebody and the u-turns and the roads heck without a drone you're going to get lost and when the power goes out girl f*** cuz you're going to go oh I don't know where I'm at? Lost on planet PR izon

  5. Baybee

    Excuse me but what has transsexuality to do with dark secret? We are talking about child molesters and killers here…jenner just finally had the strenght and courage to become what she was meant to be.

  6. Ella Smith

    Once again, the only reason these particular situations bother us is because the people involved was made famous by their work. There are countless other scandals out there that are way worse and somehow we try to justify rioting about these ones just because they are brought to our attention more vigorously than those of the rest of the world. Please note that no offence was intended by this statement.

  7. Barbara Lewandowski


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