10 Dark Secrets Britain’s Got Talent Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Behind the scenes facts about Britain’s Got Talent you wont believe.
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On the surface, the popular program Britain’s Got Talent looks just like the talent shows most of us experienced at school. However, you’d be surprised by the amount of crazy controversies that the producers try to keep quiet. We’ll let you in on some of the dark secrets behind this show, that most people don’t know about. Recently, a sketch involving Ant McPartlin driving a car got dropped from the show, and we’ll tell you the disturbing reason why. If you were impressed by Father Ray Kelly and his musical performance, you might not be after you learn about his past. We love seeing acts with dogs, but we’ll tell you about some cheating involving a stunt dog, and the time that the RSPCA had to be notified on the show. Simon Cowell loves to argue, and he’s stood up for the controversial fact that children are allowed to compete on the show. Tell us what you think of these startling secrets in the comment section, and then click subscribe to get the latest videos from TheTalko.

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30 Replies to “10 Dark Secrets Britain’s Got Talent Doesn’t Want You To Know”

  1. Ronnie Sequeira

    Let me say one thing that the show what they hold is not about talent it's all edited and then shown and talent comes from within a person and not by using tricks like using gimmick cards and duplicate cards you are in fact using an added source to perform nothing is original

  2. RetroSongHits

    I actually love McPartlin and his cohort Dec who are the funniest off-stage wingmen on the show. They both crack me up with their shenanigans and they just brighten up the place with their personalities. Who the heck cares if he got drunk. They act like he's done the worst thing in the world. So he has a pint or two…big deal! What Scot or Irish guy doesn't. It's like an American having a Budweiser or a Russian having vodka. Making a big deal out of something that isn't. I love Anthony's outgoing personality and if he wasn't on the show or Dec, it would be lifeless backstage. They're both great with the contestants and bring a lot to the show. I don't care what this video says, not gonna change my feelings about these all-around good guys.

  3. Darcy Jones

    As a woman I resent these cocktease judges punishing destroying men for the same thing they applaud women sexism for. Hypocrites …”you will NOT call me woman”

    Also hypocrisy about Lolita’s when encouraging sexualizing kids even ‘lover’ and love songs but gymnastic strpper dances too

  4. Jackie L

    ..letting him attempt something dangerous in the interest of ratings

    but they didn’t asked him to do it though, he’s the one who went to the show and choose to do the act there.

  5. Melissa Haletky

    If Simon was so upset about Marc metral and his dog why did he put them through to the next round words to the finale for that matter

  6. Diana Jusselin

    Not changing my mind, I pretty much figure out some of the acts but not others. I hold the parentsfirst on entering the competition. If there's a problem with just how much stage fright might affect them.
    With Amanda getting racked over the coals for her attire from time to time, it would seem that Alisha also would be held to the same standards.
    Now for the little stunts that Walliams pulls, I would think that he would definitely be spanked due to his behavior. However, I do laugh at his antics so it would seem hypocritical for my judgment of him and the show. God Bless.

  7. Global Watchman

    No they didn't. He himself told about the viral video. I agree they didn't tell about Father Ray Kelly's albums and tour.

  8. shane lauer

    In my opinion Americas Got Talent is based on the level of bad things you have been through. Whoever’s been through the worst wins.


    What kind of rubbish is this? What did you want when you shared this “information”? I love to watch America’s got talent, UK got talent, X-factor, you name it, I enjoy the shows and the judges are fair, there is no nice way to say; “you are not good at what you do” and don’t forget, this is a TV-show made for entertainment as well as finding talented people in any age! I’ve seen incredible children perform, same with elderly people and in between, I love it! And they all are FULY aware that they’ll be judged after their performance. I’m sorry but you’re not going to make them stop by searching for nonsense to criticize. Please get a life to focus on instead, this is ridiculous.

  10. Favour Ifeoluwa

    We have seen amazing children on BGT so it's not their fault if people can't hold it together. It's just shows they don't have what it takes

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