10 Cringeworthy Celeb Makeup DISASTERS

10 Famous people who should have looked in the mirror before leaving the house.
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It can seem like celebrities always have flawless makeup on, but that is definitely not the case. These stars experience their fair share of fails as well, and sometimes it even happens on the red carpet. We’ll show you some of the most embarrassing makeup disasters to ever happen to the rich and famous. There’s the time that Demi Lovato tried out a new technique to get her eyebrows to grow and it worked a little bit too well. Victoria Beckham decided to bring back the frosted lips and eyes trend, but failed in a rather spectacular fashion. Guys can wear makeup too, but as Bradley Cooper proved, sometimes they just need a little bit of help. Kendall Jenner is a beautiful woman, but we have to admit that we just think people look better when they have visible eyebrows. Have you ever had your very own embarrassing makeup disaster? If so, tell us about it in the comment section and then click “subscribe” to get the latest videos from TheTalko.

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17 Replies to “10 Cringeworthy Celeb Makeup DISASTERS”

  1. Luna Edits

    No I gotta admit none of these are over the top
    Yes Selena wasn’t at great as normal but honestly! This woman hasn’t seen my make up fails ahahah
    Well Tyra was A mess, but yeh

  2. Morgan Jae

    i think you need to realize that some people that have beards are out in the sun. Most of the time their face will get more tan than their neck.

  3. Hanna Rank

    Geee… guys, I see so many people leaving hate comments here. This Chanel is about criticism and shade. It’s an opinion some people agree with and some don’t and that’s totally fine. But if you can’t handle this Chanel then please don’t watch their videos

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