10 Celebs Who Gained Weight And LOVED IT

20 celebs who put on a little extra weight and didn’t care at all.
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Over and over again we hear stories about celebrities who managed to lose weight. But there are also a ton of celebrities show have done the complete opposite and packed on a few extra pounds. While some of them lament it, others embrace it. We’ll introduce you to ten celebs who are happy that they have gained some weight. Anne Hathaway and Mila Kunis are two actresses who lost a ton of weight for film roles, and were so relieved when shooting was over and they could eat again. Erin Heatherton and Bridget Malcolm are two Victoria’s Secret angels who decided that being healthier is way more important than being thin. Emily Skye is a fitness star who packed on a ton of muscle, and claims she’s never felt better. Do you think that celebrities are under too much pressure to be thin over being healthy? Tell us what you think in the comment section, then hit subscribe for more videos from TheTalko.

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20 Replies to “10 Celebs Who Gained Weight And LOVED IT”

  1. Benny Di Francesco

    I'm a 5'9 16 year old guy and I'm 110 pounds,that might not sound extreme but for my height and gender it really is,I look like a dental floss,plus the only part that makes ne weigh more than 100 pounds are my muscles

  2. Caroline Thompson

    "…only about 800 calories per day. if you're thinking that doesn't sound healthy, you're right"
    thanks, i needed to hear that because i still don't let myself eat as much as i want and still thinks that my 50-500 ccal per day that i ate for about a year because of my eating disorder is normal and healthy.
    im here because i gained some weight and now im needing support. i also had so much mental disorders that says to me to kill myself but videos like this are giving a couple more days to live. thanks.
    if you're struggling too, you will be great. im already proud of you💞 please, stay alive.

  3. James P

    Weight gain is too generalized. Muscle weight is good and desireable. Fat gain is horrible and generic. Women do not look sexy after, fat weight is solid ground for dumping you, but i wouldnt even do that, I would ghost. Woman wont know where i live or in my house beforehand anyway so i just dissapear from her and probably move house just to be safe. Obesity is filth. Miss me with that s### im gone.

  4. Sharen Reimers

    If this was titled celebs who are happy after losing weight, YouTube wouldn't allow it. Let's be honest, some of them, don't look good aftet gaining weight, and some of them, like selena gomez, are meant to be fat, you can tell by looking at her face. And as for all the so called anorexics on here, get over yourselves. Watching and commenting on these videos are not going to get you more attention. There are more horrible things prople are going through in life such as not been able to afford food or dying of incurable sicknesses. 😅

  5. Sonya B.

    I have celiac disease and I couldnt absorb nutrients because of it. Imagine me, 175cm(5'9) here and 48kg at my lowest… now i'm 58kg and hoping to get to 65kg. 😀

  6. posy lui

    25y/o, 5'3 and 30Kg. I just don't know how to gain weight. I tried eating but I just don't have appetite. I always feel like throwing up if I force myself to eat

  7. Paige Davis

    Putting healthy weight back on is not to be confused with the negative stigma of gaining weight. Treating the body how it should be! So happy to see this video showing celebs bounce back from being WAY TOO thin!

  8. Meagan Sanders

    Yes. This is what needs to be talked about. Young girls (and boys!) Need to see and hear celebrities being praised for being HEALTHY and HAPPY!

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