10 Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating On Live TV

Here are 10 sports professionals who got busted for cheating during a live tv broadcast.

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10 Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating On Live TV

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26 Replies to “10 Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating On Live TV”

  1. Cableguy818

    The dude that tripped that quarter back should retire from everything in the world. What a pussy to do something like that.

  2. Gavin Johnson

    Footballers cheat because the rewards are massive and the adulation in their home countries and towns is beyond imagination. The fines that are handed out at International level may seem small but they are more than the players get paid by their country. The big money is paid by the teams they play for week in, week out at club level, when they are international duty they often donate their pay to charity.

  3. hackhampride

    The sandpaper gate was hard to watch just how sloppy it was played out like thinking they'd get away with it with so many TV cameras around the ground. Plus Smith and Warner suckered the new player Bancroft to do the deed which is piss weak.

  4. TheXisxisxis

    Smith did not order Bancroft to do anything, that was Warner. Smith received 12 months for poor leadership for not acting on a rumour he had heard. Last time I checked Naivety wasn't cheating. While you guys are talking about ball tampering, you guys forgot about Tendulkar and Dravid, not to mention the 2005 English Ashes squad and Faf DuPlessis.

  5. Rebecca Mackay

    The Australian cricket scandal was so massive to us – we cared more about that than when we elected a new primeminister

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